Writing a policy change proposal

Is it intended to be temporary, permanent, or renewable? Use one to two pages for this section of your proposal. Double-check your calculations and the information contained in your assessment of the benefits of restructuring the department. Support the recommendation with facts that back up everything you have stated.

How to Write a Proposal to Change a Department's Structure

Once the public is behind a reasonable plan, policy makers usually follow. Who will implement it, and carry out each of the action steps? What did they think should be done about it? Calculate the return on investment in the initial cost for reorganization and show department savings for maintaining the new structure.

Write about what exactly led you to proposing the change, the background of the problem and why you see the proposed change as a necessity. A long-range strategic plan that addresses both the symptoms and the causes of a problem.

How to Write a Change Analysis Proposal

Compare the current structure of your department in relationship to the overall organization. Identify the department leadership, including managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Explain how the policy proposal would fix the problem. You may have the information to determine how to effect the needed change, but may still have to analyze it to decide what actually needs to be done. Or you may have to start from scratch, because neither you nor anyone else fully understands the situation.

The topic that you choose to address should have a significant impact on its audience. Briefly describe the overview of the problem.

How to Write a Change Proposal

Author Fill in point of contact information including name, email address, phone number and organization.

These might include parents, seniors, landowners, environmentalists, or even the whole community. Assemble a team to develop your proposal.

How to Write a Policy Proposal

Be careful about addressing it to the President. A policy proposal is considered to be an attempt to address a given problem. Intellectually approachable for you. Your proposal defines the issue and frames the debate about it.

The best possible outcome is the best you can hope to do, given the realities of the community, available resources, time limits, and the nature of the issue.

Include workforce changes necessary to facilitate each alternative restructuring. Typically, proposal objectives are broken down into three categories: It should relate to the problem or need of society you identified in your response to Item 9 of the Application. Start the summary informing the client of what is being requested.

You care about the topic and would like to learn more about it. Had there been a problem in Pratt City with homelessness at other times? If you rely on data from the internet, be certain that it is credible. If there is existing research regarding the issue, mention it here as it will serve as a good factual backup of your concerns.

Most local officials and politicians were ignoring the situation. Homeless people had to be sheltered or otherwise protected through the coming cold winter, and they also had to be offered the opportunity for permanent housing, and connection to a support network.

Agencies and officials expected to take part in carrying out the plan - police, schools, hospitals or clinics, environmental organizations, etc. Important potential areas to research include: When it comes to specific health and community issues, they are likely to have only the most general knowledge to bring to the situation.

Your options are either to address your proposal to whomever currently holds the post and provide a date of your proposal ex: Others looked at services and resources in the community that were already available. For instance, you want to address the use of cellular phones in the workplace.

Write an analysis section and explain the background and history of the program or service. But even when that point is reached, childcare still must be provided indefinitely. The change proposal must be submitted on time and it must be complete and informative.Write a "justification or reason" section and explain how the proposal is consistent with the strategic plan.

Identify the objectives that will support your change analysis proposal. Policy Manual. Every time new policies are adopted, a new version of the NRPM is posted. The NRPM Change Log links to all previous versions of the NRPM, as well as details about which policies were enacted and which sections were modified.

Writing a proposal to change policy in the public sector, therefore, identifies a problem with instituting procedural change, and attempts to fix that problem. Introduce your proposal with an overview of the present guidelines for procedural change pertaining to public sector policy.

Guidelines for Completing the ARIN Policy Proposal Template. Policy Proposal Name Provide a name or title which can be used to identify the policy proposal.

Author This is to help the author and ARIN keep track of changes to policy proposal text. Start with 1. Submission Date Enter the date. Policy type Indicate the policy type. Is this a. A policy proposal is an effective way of demonstrating the need for an organizational change.

Rooted in data, a policy proposal must outline the problem, provide a solution and include facts to. Jun 10,  · You also might write a proposal if you notice something that you feel must change.

If you want to write a proposal to the management of your company, take the time to gather needed information. Run your ideas by your co-workers to see if they agree%().

Writing a policy change proposal
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