The differences between changing life from high school to the college

The people all around you were from the same culture and traditions as you. The best advice that I can give you is to explore, get involved, and take some risks. Some students find it helpful to spend studying time in the school library, where they can focus without any interruption.

You are expected to have an opinion! No one can make you do anything you don't want to do. This may be the only time in college when complete strangers won't look at you like you're crazy if you sit down at their lunch table and strike up a conversation.

I want you to explore by discovering everything possible about the college to which you are applying or to which have been accepted. The same goes for activities, events, classes, etc.

Most importantly, it is OK to feel lonely. Who you were in high school no longer matters. It has always been there for them and has become an expected part of their academic experience. In college, you plan your schedule to your liking.

You need to make the decision to eat healthfully on your own. Social pressure is a big part of the social structure at colleges. Your grade may be based on only two tests for the whole semester — meaning it is important to plan your study schedule and how you use your time.

Have you researched them and found out how to get involved? Teachers often teach to the test -- typically feeding students all the information needed to study for exams. Get more information definitions and links on key academic terms by going to our College Success Glossary.

Use the internet to check out student clubs and organizations, read about your faculty don't be afraid to shoot them an emailread about the history of the college, join Facebook groups, visit the campus and find out what kind of services are offered.

In addition, many students go to schools in a locale they have not lived in before, so a lot of time is spent exploring your new surroundings. They probably even share the same tax bracket.

From childhood to teenage, the high school tries to prep you for your life as an adult. Remember that no one is going to do it for you. Talk to current students tip: You need to learn how to handle it, which means limiting the number of classes you miss. Most importantly, it is OK to feel lonely.

In college you get to dictate your role and how you fit in. Unless you are coming from boarding school, you most likely will need to adapt to life with roommate. Some of your general-education classes can range from to students or more -- or even be attended online.* Guiding principle: High school is a teaching environment in which you acquire facts and skills.

* Guiding principle: College is a learning environment in which you take responsibility for thinking through and applying what you have learned.

20 Differences between High School & College Life

14 rows · To learn about what college life is like, you can talk with people who have. Here are some of the biggest differences between life in college and life in high school.

How Is College Different from High School

When you go off to college this fall, you'll notice a lot of changes. If you're planning to leave for college soon, you might be wondering what life after high school is like.

High School: In high school, assigned reading means a night off from homework. College: In college, you actually need to do the reading - and it takes all night. High School: In high school, everyone is required to be there. Final Thoughts on the Differences Between High School and College The faster you can comprehend -- and adjust to -- these differences between your high-school educational experience and your college education, the faster you'll adjust to the pace of college life, and the better your chances for academic success.

Difference Between High School and College. High School vs College Knowing the difference between high school and college is important for someone who is looking forward to having higher education, and this article is an attempt to help those find out the differences.

The differences between changing life from high school to the college
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