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A hackathon is a collaborative event focused on creating solutions to given problems, an idea originally created by computer programmers.

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I was able to promote various academic programs to potential applicants, there was some serious exchange of cutting-edge research, and the students really committed themselves by not only observing what was happening but influencing and exchanging ideas through the hackathon and the entrepreneurship workshop with local stakeholders.

They are trying to get more help from the Chinese government. According to an official report from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated when they had already lost the war and were trying to erase or at least reduce the magnitude of their crimes, there were 40, Chinese forced laborers in Japan, which was probably an underestimate by an order of magnitude.

This was because of an agreement made between Japan and the U. He reported that with the help of many pro-bono righteous Japanese and Chinese lawyers, many lawsuits have been brought to the courts in Japan during the last years. Werth is manager of the Komatsu plant, a unit that provides support for heavy machinery used in the mining industry.

Without learning about this part of history, and especially without seeing evidence and talking to the survivors, it is hard to think that such massive and inhumane atrocities that one group of human beings would want to inflict on another group Study tour 2014 human beings.

We arrived in Santiago early Saturday morning and were taken by private coach to the Four Points Sheraton. Following mens et manus, the guiding MIT spirit of "mind and hand," the workshop proceeded to where production actually takes place, which meant traveling more than 1, kilometers from Santiago to Antofagasta, a municipality in the north of Chile in the Atacama Desert.

The working conditions were atrocious, e. I think that MIT founder William Barton Rogers, who was a geologist and educator, would be proud to see the MIT students, researchers, and professors working together in a multidisciplinary way in one of the most important mining regions of the world.

This activity was followed by a meeting with local executives and social entrepreneurs, who provided their insights to the MIT students and also learned business, technology, and social practices from the group from Massachusetts.

Study tour participants at the Brandenburg Gate Berlin, Germany. Our bus driver, Ali, who shuttled us to the airport, was kind enough to give us a ride back into Berlin and he dropped us off by the Zoologischer Garten station.

So you may be asking yourselves, what do students do in a foreign country when their flight is delayed? Sincethere is agreement between Japan and China that Japan admits leaving these weapons in China and Japan will provide the technology and money to work with China on finding and removing these weapons.

Some went to the casino; others found great places to eat.

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Friday morning, we began the day with our last site visit, a visit to Ignisterra. What could be better than spring break in Chile?

The second part of the workshop started December 4 in Antofagasta and comprised visits to the Escondida mine and the Komatsu factory as well as talks with local stakeholders and social entrepreneurs. The Chinese forced laborers won several cases up to the district courts, but they all failed at the Japanese Supreme Court.

The principal investigator of this last project, Dr. Some students had arranged for a bike tour of Santiago, others participated in a walking tour and still others spent the day getting acclimated to Santiago. That night, we met our Chilean alumni for the first time.

This 1,th weekly demonstration took place on July 23, Professor Bu Ping also discussed chemical warfare conducted by Japan on China.

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As in other countries, comfort women, especially in earlier periods, often faced discrimination or ostracizing by their own family, community, or government. We learned about the mining industry from many angles. In different activities, the group helped to articulate a vision for the future of the city and to devise solutions to day-to-day problems.

Following the hackathon, local entrepreneurs joined the group from Cambridge for an exchange of knowledge and best practices.

The center of the demonstration was a bronze statue in commemoration of the hundreds of thousands of comfort women during WWII and Gil Won-Ok, an 86 year-old Korean woman who at the age of 13 was forced to be a Japanese military sexual slave in Harbin and Shijiazhuang, China second photo.

As always, the site visits allow students the opportunity to have a dialogue with senior Chilean business executives. An initial presentation by MIT Ph.

Santiago has a significant concentration of the population, universities, and companies of Chile, but the mining industry is centered in other regions.

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We have to believe in our capacity to innovate and build a better city," said Mathias Werth, an industrial engineer who participated in the hackathon and has lived most of his life in the city.

The reasons given were similar to the comfort women cases, due to the expiration of the statue of limitations or the Chinese government already waived compensations.Study Tour 12 likes.

This page is generated to get to know one another before the study tour and to keep you updated on the preparations. For. Study Tour. Connecting the Americas: From North Carolina to Yucatán, Mexico.

JuneClick here to access the CTA teachers’ lesson plans for grades about Yucatán and the Yucatec Maya community. Past teacher study tours and partnerships include.

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May 30, Admired Holocaust scholar, Dr. Michael Berenbaum reflecting and commenting on his journey with our study tour participants.

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Directed by Kedar Dockery. By Renato Lima de Oliveira, MIT Ph.D. Student, Political Science An interdisciplinary group of researchers, faculty, and students from MIT and Harvard traveled to Chile in December to explore innovation, technology transfer in the mining industry, and a vision for the future of cities that are impacted by the exploitation of natural resources in a study tour organized by the MIT Mining.

This event was one of many meaningful and educational events that took place during this year’s July “ Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour.”[2] Besides Seoul, the tour also visited Shanghai, Nanjing, and Harbin in China.

Program Study Tours form a central part of your DIS academic experience, as you enroll in one core course for the semester which includes two course-integrated Study Tours. Early in the semester, you delve into your academic focus during Core Course Week, in which you travel on a short study tour for three days in Denmark or a neighboring.

Study tour 2014
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