How to write a love song yahoo answers

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Here's a good beat to get you going.

How to write lyrics for a love song?

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How to write a love song?

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May 07,  · Write how you feel. You've got to feel the love, and then write what comes to mind when you think of him. 2. Don't revolve around the rhyme. It has to be of poetic form, but don't just look for rhyming words. Know what you want to say before you start coming up with horrible rhymes.

3. Make it make sense.

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Apply it to your Resolved. Oct 29,  · Start by writing things about her you like; like qualities, or little things that she does.

List the little things that you notice, like the color of her eyes or how she wears her hair. Then pick a slowish tune that's easy to put words to, make sure the tone has a random beautiful chord if shes into Resolved.

How to write a love song yahoo answers
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