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He stated the crevices in the rocks bore evidence of this Gettysburg ghosts that the pyramid had undoubtedly been destroyed by some forceful blast. Wall were bloodstained, as well as books that were used as pillows".

And in Gettysburg, such spirits make themselves known more strongly than just about anywhere else Please note that I will approve your stories before they appear here and I may edit them as needed. It once served as a dormitory for students Gettysburg ghosts now houses the campus administrative offices.

This small house has had a surprising number of different occupants over the years, many of whom have had stories to tell. They turned them to point the muzzles toward the fleeing enemy, but there was no ammunition to be found.

He told of two college administrators who were working on the fourth floor of the building one night. At the time, the college consisted of only three brick buildings, which provided lodging and classrooms for little more than students. As the southerners came, they were cut down by the cannons posted atop the ridge ahead, and yet still they came, pushing hard against the Union lines.

Mention a location in Gettysburg. Most everyone, in their letters home and in the explorations of the battlefield after the fighting, referred to the rocks as a "desolate and ghostly place" or mentioned the "ominous" character of the rocks.

Skirmishes took place throughout the town and when the Federals retreated on that first day of the battle, they poured into Gettysburg, fleeing to the relative safety of Cemetery Hill. Lee, confident after his victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, urged President Davis to once again take the war to the north.

You are welcome to share your own ghost stories, whether made-up or based on your own experiences or those of a close friend.

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The dead also lined the streets and walkways, rotting in the summer sun. It has been said that on certain nights, students and staff members of the college have reported seeing the figures of soldiers pacing back and forth in the cupola of the building. I will not approve sloppy stories.

When nothing of significance occurred that day, Lee realized that his invasion of the north had come to an end. In addition to these former private residences, spirits on the battlefield itself abound. The basement storage room had vanished and in its place was the blood-splattered operating room of One can imagine just how many times this question must come up and, although the official position of the park is to neither confirm nor deny the ghostly tales, the ranger on duty was reported to have asked why the woman wanted to know.

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The battle would have a lingering effect on the country, not only for the armies of the Civil War, but for the America itself By doing so, this would take the fighting out of Virginia and relieve the pressure being felt by the government in Richmond. The woman stated that she had walked into the field of smaller boulders, which are scattered in front of the Den itself and had paused to take a photo.

It would also ease the load on the Confederate supply lines because if the invasion could be pushed far enough to the north, it would allow the soldiers to live off the land. As the Texas troops mounted the slopes toward the Federal position, they were attacked by the th New York, who soon withdrew from the ferocity of the Confederate charge.

There was no trace of him anywhere. Although no one knew it at the time, Stuart had seemingly vanished. Lee ordered Longstreet to move his men southward, without being detected, and form lines against the Union flank.

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Many were killed here, their bodies left to await burial on the streets of the town. The dead men, who were already bloated beyond recognition, were now drenched and beginning to decay.Gettysburg and many of our historic homes and inns around the county have been featured on popular paranormal television series.

Dozens of teams have conducted investigations on fields, homes, and taverns; discovering spirits left behind from the Civil War and other periods.

You are invited. The Tour that is vastly different from all the others Our tour guides are the finest ever assembled! They are professional storytellers, full of enthusiasm and masters at their craft.

Ghosts of the American Civil War

Our tours are family friendly, less walking and more talking along one of the most haunted areas of Gettysburg. We are endorsed by CBS Radio. THE GUNS OF GETTYSBURG. By early summer ofthe war in the east was going well for the Confederacy.

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Lee, confident after his victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, urged President Davis to once again take the war to the north. The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest battle in North has many ghost stories.

The Soldiers' Orphanage cellar is said to make even psychics too afraid to enter the house, due to its legend. The Herr Tavern was built inbut during the battle it was used as the first Confederate hospital at Gettysburg, where amputations often.

Gettysburg, a town in Pennsylvania, is one of the most haunted areas in the United States. During its three days of intense battle ending on July 3,more than 7, brave Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives and tens of thousands more were wounded and crippled.

Gettysburg is a hotbed of ghostly activity and the spirits are mighty restless! We offer a variety of Gettysburg ghost tours - walking, bus, specialty and more.

Perform your own paranormal investigations at the same locations famous shows like Ghost Lab, Ghost Adventures and others have done on TV!

Gettysburg ghosts
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