An examination of the oil spills and the ethics in engineering

Employees all have a duty of loyalty to their employer. This caters mainly for the welfare of the workers who bear substantial level of risks if the safety measures are not installed.

Distribution of oil spill frequency and quantity spilt in log over time-period The cost of the human lives lost in that accident could not be compared with any cost of preventing the whole incidence.

Geo-information technologies present new opportunities for assessing stress environment and ways of determining exposure susceptibility in such areas. The detailed evaluation as well eliminates many unnecessary risks, which would occur from poor startup of the foundation.

Africa and specifically Nigeria have suffered unprecedented pipeline interdictions, with oil companies like Shell Petroleum Development Company SPDC recording an average of about oil spill incidents every year since [35] [36]. For this assessment, communities in the area were treated as surrogate for human population and settlement while land, vegetation and rivers were considered the medium of land use.

It is therefore important for any company to introduce relevant safety protocols and make them familiar with all the employees through either experience or practical experience. Management is liable as a whole when such accidents happen and therefore putting the blame on single or selected individuals would highly be against the morals of engineering management.

The disaster was not only a health concern for people, but it possibly cost businesses millions of dollars. A report from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC in and corroborated by the United Nations Environmental Program UNEP report on pollution in Ogoniland revealed that oil contaminants have spread farther and penetrated deeper into the soil horizon from oil operation that has been going on in the region for over 50 years [14].

Studying engineering ethics is important since there are ethical theories that is used to be reference. Physical Characteristics Geologically, the study area is characterised by rain fed deltaic vegetation in places with high elevation, majority of the region is dominated by low-lying landforms.

Engineer are encourage to think creatively in order to avoid something that can lead to these accidents. Therefore, in this paper, the spatial distribution of onshore oil spills in an oil producing area in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is analyzed using geospatial techniques, to determine quantity of oil spilled, pattern of oil spill distribution and community susceptibility to petroleum hydrocarbon contamination and exposure.

Finally, on human ethics in relation to oil spilling, the management should have a professionalism attitude towards any accident. A SPOT Satellite image was used to identify settlements and other land use in and around oil facilities.

Part 2 The second theory that I chose is Duty ethics. Professional engineers are gover nment licensed to protect the public and must reach a minimum threshold of competence to receive that license. To do otherwise is patently and recklessly irresponsible behavior. Part 3 The third theory is Right ethics.

Oil spills have not only caused damage to socio-economic activities of the communities, it has also caused food shortage due to the destruction of farmlands by oil pollution.

Engineering ethics on BP oil Spill essay

Safety includes most, the emergency systems, which act simultaneously with the occurrence of any explosion. A similar report by [48]showed that there were oil spills inoil spills in and incidences in the first six months of Such assumptions, as if nothing is going to happen are not warranted.

The lack of adequate information on oil spill incidents can be associated with increasing deaths, as people get exposed to toxic hydrocarbons indirectly dermal contact and directly ingestion and inhalation process [19].

Even at that, there are thousand kilometres of onshore pipelines traversing oil producing regions for collecting, distributing and redistributing large quantities of crude oil across the world [29]. In the process of evaluation, it is not ethical to down play small issues because in more sensitive industries, the issue may be the stabling block.The April 20, Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion was an engineering and environmental tragedy that led to the loss of 11 human lives and has had far-reaching environmental and economic impacts, the full extent of which is difficult if not impossible to calculate.

Finally, on human ethics in relation to oil spilling, the management should have a professionalism attitude towards any accident. They should take the situation at hand and show extreme commitment. The last dimension of the engineering ethics is the ethics of the organizational system.

The gulf of Mexico oil spill shows that the US should follow the example of south American socialists in nationalizing its energy industry, filmmaker Oliver stone said yesterday. Page Oil Spill Solutions 1 of 12 Lesson Focus Lesson focuses on how engineers use various techniques to provide speedy solutions to oil spills or other threats to natural water resources.

Thoughts on Canadian Subprime, Bp Oil Spill & the Death of Statism

Through this lesson, students work in student "engineering" teams, and present findings to the class. Age Level s Ethical Evaluation of Oil Spill Case Date: September 30, To: Curtis A. Beck, P.E.,, Chair of Board of Ethical Review From: Carla Paulo, Senior CHEN Student Re: Request for Proposal This is the proposal as requested by you%(5).

Study 77 ch 45,47,48 Exam Final Review flashcards from tina j.

Engineering ethics on BP oil Spill

on StudyBlue. Study 77 ch 45,47,48 Exam Final Review flashcards from tina j. on StudyBlue. an oil immersion objective combined with the ocular lenses has a total magnification factor of x. clean up spills right away.

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An examination of the oil spills and the ethics in engineering
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